Episode 7: Fin.

Episode 7: Fin.

In bringing this tale to a close, we step inside Vue Weekly‘s office during its final years. Editorial morale had plummeted, ad targets were crucial, and readership wondered if the paper was in its final throes. The last issue of Vue ran in November 2018; in the year since it’s been absent from Edmonton streetboxes, we consider what’s been lost, and what may one day take its place.

Thanks to those whose voices are heard in this episode: Andy Cookson, Mel Priestley, James Jarvis, Eden Munro, Trent Wilkie, Trevor Schmidt, Joshua Semchuk, Jose Teodoro, Stephan Boissoneault, Scott McKeen, Samantha Power, David Berry, Darka Tarnawsky, Paul Matwychuk, Ron Garth.

This series was made possible with support of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Download the transcript of this episode.

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