Episode 5: We Came in at the End

Episode 5: We Came in at the End

While both papers were struggling with the new world order of the Internet and social media, SEE Magazine took this challenge in a different direction than Vue Weekly. It meant shrinking its page counts and swift personnel changes—a lot of them. In this episode, we focus on what was happening in the office during SEE‘s final years.

Thanks to those whose voices are heard in this episode: Eamon McGrath, Michael Nunweiler, Duff Jamison, Jeff Holubitsky, Paul Matwychuk, Gord Nielsen, Murray Utas, Darka Tarnawsky, and Michael Hingston,

In the trailer for Episode 6, you’ll hear Jeff Holubitsky, Curtis Wright, Andy Cookson, Craig Janzen, Ron Garth, Mike Siek

This series was made possible with project support from the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Download the transcript of this episode.

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