Episode 4: Dramatown

Episode 4: Dramatown

Though many alt-weeklies had a music-heavy focus, Edmonton’s theatre scene required some special treatment. From hosting the world’s second largest Fringe Festival to boasting a season with the most theatre per capita in North America, there was—and continues to be—a lot of drama in YEG. And it spilled over the pages of Vue Weekly and SEE Magazine all too easily.

Click here to read more on the 2010 Fringe incident involving a local blogger’s review of Teatro la Quindicina.

Thanks to those whose voices are heard in this episode: Liz Nicholls, Darka Tarnawsky, Josh Semchuk, Vern Thiessen, Trevor Schmidt, Murray Utas, Mel Priestley, and Paul Matwychuk.

In the trailer for Episode 5, you’ll hear Duff Jamison, Michael Nunweiler, Paul Matwychuk, Jeff Holubitsky, Eamon McGrath, Gord Nielsen. 

This series was made possible with support of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Download the transcript of this episode.

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