Episode 3: The Best of Times

Episode 3: The Best of Times

As their rivalry carried on in the streetboxes week to week, dozens of young writers and editors cycled through the doors of SEE Magazine and Vue Weekly — some cognizant of the papers’ bitter history, others not so much. In this episode we hear from a number of writers who cut their first bylines at the papers, and how working the alt-weekly beat influenced their lives at the time.

Thanks to those whose voices are heard in this episode: Fish Griwkowsky, Bryan Birtles, Rollie Pemberton, Zoltan Varadi, Mari Sasano, Vikki Wiercinski, David Berry, Michael Hingston, Paul Matwychuk, Rich Cairney, and Scott Lingley.

In the trailer for Episode 4, you’ll hear Liz Nicholls, Murray Utas, Mel Priestley, Trevor Schmidt, Paul Matwychuk, and Darka Tarnawsky.

This series was made possible with support of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Download the transcript of this episode.

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