Episode 2: Room with a Vue

Episode 2: Room with a Vue

As Ron Garth and his former SEE Magazine staff set up their fly-by-night operation in a basement office, they managed to get the first issue of Vue Weekly without skipping a beat. Great West assembled a team to stay on to produce SEE, and kept the weekly publication schedule, too. After the split of Garth and Great West, the early days of both papers were steeped in concerns over rival ad dollars, meagre pay for writers, and less than ideal working hours, but for some, it wasn’t about comfort or stability: It was about family.

Thanks to those whose voices are heard in this episode: Mike Garth, Gene Kosowan, Steven Sandor, Rich Cairney, Scott Lingley, and Ron Garth.

In the trailer for episode three, you’ll hear Paul Matwychuk, Fish Griwkowsky, Mari Sasano, and Bryan Birtles.

This series was made possible with support of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Download the transcript of this episode.

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